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I’m a storyteller living in Portland, Oregon who has spent 16+ years managing communication and creative content for social media, print publishing, podcasting and higher education. Independently, I've published and crowd-funded several graphic novels, as well as a weekly podcast about media and popular culture. When I’m not telling stories, I try to be a friend to both animals and libraries.


You may be familiar with my work writing and designing for multimedia platforms. In the past I’ve worked with companies like CNN, HowStuffWorks, America’s Test Kitchen and Live Wire Radio. As a communications professional I’ve designed books, written news articles and marketed brands through social media.


Or maybe you have read some of my comics stories, like the historical horror graphic novel The Cabinet, the satirical monster mashup Think of the Children, or Valley of Ashes, a heist tale about privacy and identity. I also write creative short fiction, usually categorized as weird or horrific. In 2020 I founded and began editing Corridor magazine, bringing the weird worlds of short horror fiction, art, comics and essays together under one roof. 


It’s also possible you’ve heard some of my podcasts. I’ve hosted and produced shows like Supercontext: A Podcast Autopsy of Media, Stuff To Blow Your Mind, BrainStuff and Stuff of Genius.


However you found yourself here, I hope you learned more about my stories and capabilities. If you would like to get to know me better, feel free to write me directly on my contact page.







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